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Offer post: fanvids
Sherlock innocence
kate_lear wrote in help_syria
This is the sign-up post for vidding offers (please ensure you’ve read the ‘How it Works’ post before signing up to this).

If you’re prepared to offer a work or works for more than one fandom then please do one of the following:

(a) if you are willing to produce separate works for the different fandoms, please make a separate entry for each bidding thread (e.g., if I were to offer a work in Sherlock fandom and one in Supernatural fandom then I would have one thread for Sherlock and one for Supernatural).
(b) if you are offering one work but with a choice of possible fandoms, please make a single entry for all bids (e.g., if you’re willing to offer either a work in Sherlock fandom or one in Supernatural, please keep to a single bidding thread).

In the subject line, please put your LJ username and fandom(s) in which you work. In the body of the comment, please copy-paste the text in the box below and fill in your information:

Please leave all questions on the Q&A post.

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