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Q&A post
Sherlock innocence
kate_lear wrote in help_syria
Despite the planning that's gone into this, I'm sure there are points that I've overlooked or not thought of - please leave any queries in the comments below and I'll get back to you.

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Do you have banners,so people can promote this on their journals and communities?

I'm afraid I don't, no, as I've no idea how to make such a thing. If anyone wanted to make one then that would be awesome, but I was hoping that people might still be up for joining even though the comm isn't going to be as sleekly promoted as some of the others I've seen...


Do you know if there will be a "collections" set up on AO3 for fic written for this? My fic is almost done, and was wondering if it would be part of a collection of some sort for help_syria.




I'm impressed to hear that you've finished your fic! Mine is still (shamefully) in the early stages...

To be honest I really hadn't thought about having an AO3 collection for the Help_Syria fic. It's a good idea but, realistically, I can't see myself getting around to doing it for some time, if at all, as I've currently got quite a bit of RL stuff going on and I just know that this is the sort of thing that will end up getting shunted to the back of the queue, despite good intentions.

Sorry to be so vague! In summary: the answer for now is no, but if I do then I'll post to this comm with a link so people can add their stuff there if they would like. Hope that helps?


Haha well, gosh, now I'm insecure thinking somehow I'm rushing my fic :D But everything you touch is gold, so I can't really compare anyway, lol. Although I am at over 10,000 words, and I really don't know how that happened.

At any rate, I was just curious because a collection is a good way to make sure I read everything that people have written for this particular auction, otherwise I don't know how I would keep track of when people post and such. Unless of course I just subscribe to all the authors who signed up for this.

If you would like, I could create the collection at AO3 myself, if that wouldn't be stepping on any toes. I think other auctions have done so, and I just thought it would be nice to have one of our own :)

And I would like to thank you for putting forth all the effort to organize this. I appreciate being able to participate in fandom like this. Thank you for all your hard work! And thank you for being an awesome storyteller as well.


Hah! Oh no, your'e not rushing at all - I'm just being horribly slow but fengirl88 (who won me) is very kind and patient...

Ooo, if you wanted to make a collection then that would be amazing and no, not stepping on any toes at all! Will PM you...


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